Computer Repairs

Virus Infection

A computer virus is a computer program that can replicate itself and spread from one computer to another. Our MSC team know exactly how to deal with these.  Our top of the range anti-virus software provides a thorough system scan and removes anything harmful and any potential risks that we see as a threat.  So that we can give you a back computer that was just like how you bought it.

Cloud Backup & Recovery

Do you want cloud backup services and recovery but not the headache and expense of managing a data center? Do you need desktop/laptop backup and security or an online backup disaster recovery solution you can count on? ? MS Computers cloud backup services and recovery is all you need to know.

Internet Security

We also provide the latest internet security, so If it has come that time of year again, where your suscription of your anti-virus software is needing renewed, or maybe you bought a new computer and have yet to purchase internet security, come on in-store where you can get your hands on the best security at the best price!

System Health Check

We also carry out regular System Health Checks for our customers so that we know that they are getting the most out of the computers. A Computer Health Check should be viewed in much the same way as having your car serviced and will result in the smoother running of your Computer. By running diagnostic checks, areas of poor performance, problems will be identified and corrected.

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