BGA Rework & Re-Balling

What is BGA Re-balling?

Re-balling is a process where we lift off a defective chip and repair it by putting lead based solder on the chip and placing it back on the board or by simply replacing the chip with a new chip.

What gadgets are prone to this?

The Mainboard for desktops in general are easy replaced but however, when it comes to the smaller devices that is were the problems arise. System boards can prove to be costly as they often have to be sent away to a specialist. Here, we are the specialists and we can use infrared heat technology to repair the system board and keep this cost down.

We can re-ball and re-weld any BGA chip down to 0.3mm. Talk about precision engineering! And if that wasn’t enough, all mainboard repairs come with a 90 day warranty.

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